Get More Local Traffic To Your Business — Do It On Our 1 Day Course

Learn how to correctly setup a Google Ads account.

Join our course to learn the latest techniques, processes and methods to getting high quality traffic to your website.

Google Ads is Google’s paid form of advertising on the Google and search partners landscape. By running AdWords, your business can reach potential customers searching online for the products or services your business offers.


What are you going to learn through our Google Ads Search Course?

In our 1 day course, we will explain how AdWords works from opening your account and selecting your keywords, to writing your amazing ad copy, creating ad extensions and optimizing it all for performance. By the end of the day, you will have the skill set to be able to set up AdWords campaigns, manage your own account and be confident enough to successfully run these campaigns to achieve performance results.

  • Google Ads

  • Keyword Planner

  • Account Build Out

  • Ad Extensions

  • Basic Tracking

Google Ads Overview

AdWords helps your customers find you easily online. By Understanding how it works and how you can use it, you can increase the volume of traffic to your website.


Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is a free keyword research tool from Google. This allows you to understand search volume and trends in the market to select the perfect keyword combination for your account.

Account Build Out

Building out an account can be a daunting tasks if you don’t know what you doing. However, once you understanding how to structure your account properly, it will enable you to better manage each aspect.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions assist your ads with expanding on your unique selling points, service / product information and benefits. They can also assist you to improve your click-through rate. Understanding each extension will help you further improve your AdWords performance.


Meet Creators of the Course

We are Search Engine Experts with a solid track record in digital marketing, we help clients appear on the Google Landscape and increase traffic to their website’s. Our core team is based in Durban and work remotely around the country.

Course Schedule

  • 8am Arrive - (Coffee and Networking)

  • 9am - Google Ads

  • 10am - Keyword Planner

  • 12:30am - Lunch

  • 13:30pm - Account Build out

  • 2:30pm - Extensions

  • 3:00pm - Questions & Answers

  • 3:30pm - End


Kaomi's Office, 5 Abrey Rd Kloof,
Durban, KZN

What to Bring:

  1. Bring Your Laptop
  2. Bring an Open Mind that is Ready to Learn
  3. Lunch, Tea and Coffee will be provided throughout the Day.

Get More Traffic To Your Business — Do It On Our 1 Day Course

Learn how to correctly setup a Google Ads account.

    Get The Benefits of Google Ads

    • Get More Phone Calls, Visits and Traffic

      Google Ads is a quick and easy way to engage with your users.

    • Attract Local Traffic

      Attracting customers from afar is great, but local is always better.

    • Get More Visibility than Your Competition

      We’ll teach you the secrets to getting a higher quality score.