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      Kaomi Marketing is a Performance Focused Digital Marketing Agency with Integrity

      We specialise in white-hat, science-based SEO strategies to grow businesses through organic traffic acquisition in the following industries:

      • Local Business
      • B2B
      • eCommerce
      • SaaS
      • National Brands
      • Multi-language

      Our Definition of SEO

      Search Engine Optimisation – The process of improving a digital asset to improve its visibility within search engines.

      Vote of Confidence

      Years ago SEO was about manipulating search rankings. Now with improved algorithms and AI, search engine optimisation is about improving a user’s confidence in the brand and the website they are visiting.


      SEO is an investment. For every dollar spent, a brand will see an exponential return on investment. SEO is a solid channel to invest in the long-term traffic acquisition for your Brand.

      Lower Costs

      Does SEO help reduce costs? Yes! SEO can drastically improve your cost of Search Ads on Google and for other Ads like Banners etc., it can improve the user experience offering useful content that reduces your cost per acquisition.

      Improves User Experience

      Often Websites are designed with the idea that everyone lands on the homepage. However, this is not always the case. Good SEO improves user experience in building content specific to the user’s searches before landing on your website.


      The Benefits of Our SEO Services

      • Increased Website Traffic: Kaomi’s SEO services will substantially improve high-quality organic visits to your website
      • More Leads and Sales: an increase in quality traffic results in more customers, leads and sales from your site
      • Sustainable Results: Our approach to SEO guarantees long-term results that your business can rely on.

      What Makes Our SEO Services So Effective?

      Through constant research, development and testing of SEO theories and techniques, we keep one step ahead of the industry standard, providing our clients with a best-in-class SEO strategy.

      One of the key findings of our research and testing is that Google gives us clues on how to rank for specific keywords in their search results. By analysing Google’s search results and understanding its ranking factor correlations we’ve developed a proven, systematic approach to SEO that guarantees improvement in organic search performance.



      Our Proven 5-Step Approach to SEO

      At the heart of our SEO services is our 5-step SEO Growth Plan which maps out an effective roadmap to organic search success:

      1. Technical SEO Audit

      We conduct a thorough technical analysis of your site following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and provide a detailed checklist of issues and recommended solutions for your developers to action.

      2. Keyword Discovery

      We conduct intense research and analysis of your particular keyword market, analysing competitors’ keywords, lost keywords and keyword gaps. Armed with this data, we then develop a keyword plan for your product/services pages and supporting blog content.

      3. On-Page Optimisation & Content Creation

      Using our scientific on-page method and tools we reverse engineer the page Google wants to see. Based on this knowledge, we optimise your pages scientifically to perform at their best. We also create supporting content for your blog and build topic silos into your site, maximizing the power of internal linking.

      4. Building Trust

      Trust Signal building is a factor you cannot ignore for sites in the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) vertical: medical, financial, high-end eCommerce etc. Since August 2018, Google has been penalizing sites based on lack of trustability. In this step of your campaign, we do an expertise, authority and trust (E-A-T) audit and implement missing trust factors such as Google My Business optimization, trusted citations, content authorship, and footer signals to name a few.

      5. Site Authority

      This step is left for last and is dependent on your existing site authority deficit. The biggest influencing factor on authority is trusted, high quality links to your site. Unfortunately, securing these types of links is the most costly and least predictable SEO activity. Implementing this strategy last ensures only the minimum amount of effort is required. This step usually takes the form of link outreach of your site’s most valued content.

      Don’t Wait! Get Ahead of Your Competition

      SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing channels with great ROI. It is, however, a long-term strategy that takes time to get rolling. Get your SEO Growth Plan started now before your competition does.

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      We Sync

      We understand that every business has its own flavour. Because of this, we tailor each contract so that it aligns with unique digital marketing needs. Working closely with our clients, we thoroughly examine existing operations and find out where we can improve performance. We sync with your needs; we sync with your budget; and we get you in sync with your target market.