Analytics Manager

AKA - Customer Acquisition Analyst

London - United Kingdom

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The Analytics Manager will play a key role in leading a number of international clients, including a wide portfolio of 3rd world clients based in South Africa, and will learn how to operate with various stakeholders and startups. This will involve organizing our analytics function, implementing a variety of tools and strategies to translate the client’s data into valuable business insights.

We aim to maintain a culture of empowering people. The way we do this, changes on an individual basis. Fundamentally we want to find the strengths and drives of each individual, then build around their unique individual traits. This allows us to build dynamic teams with roles that overlap - as the goal is to create a culture of powerful problem-solvers, not just an organisation with a corporate structure forcing individuals into a mould. Our underlying mantra is to ‘stay liquid’ is this is something we look for, people who are experts in their field but are happy to roll up their sleeves and do things or serve others that makes working at Kaomi unique, inspiring and fluid.

Steps to apply

1 Send your details via the form below.

2 After a first interview, take a Strengths test and complete a skills assessment.

3 Meet the team.

  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Hours: Flexi working - Tracking hours.
  • Address: 71 Shelton Street, London, UK, United Kingdom
  • Salary: GBP40000 Negotiable

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