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We are looking for Senior Digital Marketers

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Analytics Manager

We’re looking for someone passionate about Marketing Data, who can interpret data, create dashboards, and overall analysis reports that provide valuable solutions to optimize spend, improve performance, conversion rates, and business strategies, and utilize data to assist clients in solving real problems to achieve their business ROI’s.

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Content Writer

We’re looking for a proficient and capable Content Writer who will be responsible for creating and optimizing all content throughout our local and international client portfolios including blogs, email marketing campaigns, product descriptions, and development of brand voice through web copy. You will work closely with the digital marketing team and SEO guru’s to track keyword metrics and assist in developing higher-ranking pages through highly optimized, well-written SEO content.

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Digital Recruitment Specialist

Kaomi is a rapidly growing digital marketing business and one thing we have realized is the importance of ensuring that we have the best people along for the journey. Instead of being reactive toward hiring we’d like to create a talent strategy and pipeline while building our brand and telling the business world about the work that we are doing. We are therefore looking for a Recruitment Specialist to undertake all hiring activities, from advertising open roles to interviewing candidates and closing hires. We’re therefore looking for someone passionate about people and in particular, watching them thrive and grow when placed into the right role.

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Digital Account Manager

We are looking for an experienced and self-driven Digital Account Manager to join our Digital Marketing Agency! As a Senior Digital Account Manager, you will be responsible for planning, developing, and managing clients’ digital strategy to improve their web presence and help them achieve their digital marketing goals.

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Junior PPC Operations Specialist

We’re looking for a Junior PPC Operations Specialist who can build out all campaigns across Google Ads, has excellent spelling and grammar skills, understands targeting, display network, basic budget pacing, and all other crucial areas of paid search.

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Senior PPC Operations Specialist

We’re looking for a Senior PPC Operations Specialist who creates and executes strategies, builds all campaigns across Google Ads, handles R1M+ budgets, has excellent spelling and grammar skills, understands targeting, display network, budget pacing, and all other crucial areas of paid search to meet our clients’ business ROI’s.

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SEO Specialist

We need an SEO Ninja to join our digital marketing team. Someone proficient in the martial arts of SEO and to be trained in the ways of Google after the panda. This role would suit a technically capable, process-driven specialist, with strong attention to detail. This Ninja would need to be self-motivated, performance-driven, and work cohesively with other services. Preferably proficient in understanding HTML and frontend Javascript.

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We Want Disruptive Leaders

We aim to combine Data Science, Engineering, and Creativity to form a new Hybrid Human. A human who has gained different life experiences and combined them together to form a new superpower. We call this new role a pretty common title - we call it a "Digital Marketer", a problem-solver who can deliver creative solutions to increase ROI.