Remote Working a Solution to a Dying Rand

In Digital Marketing by Andrew Bloch

In Theory Remote Working Could add 0.4% to our National GDP

Financially speaking if possible it makes uttermost sense to reduce office and travel costs for the holistic benefit of a company. In 2015 Fin24 released a study that explains how remote working can add 0.4% to the South African GDP. According to Trading Economics Q1 of 2017 South Africa’s GDP is down by -0.7% meaning that a culture shift like this could actually have a national impact on the lifestyles and future of all South Africa’s. Once your company works 100% remotely – what limits you to only earning South African rands? Remote working is future, it definitely highlights employee manager trust issues, but as South African progresses it’s about time this concept become apart of our culture.

The Trust Issue

I’ve read too many articles to mention around this following response – “If you don’t trust your employees to work from home, you shouldn’t have hired them.” Where I think that is a valid point, I don’t believe the trust issue is with the employees as much as it is with owners/managers of the business. Different forms of leadership can work, neither wrong or right just that each produces a different outcome.

  • Control fundamentally installs fear, you may have heard the saying –
    • “When the cat’s away, the mice will play”. Are your staff mice? My partner Dewan always uses the phrase “If you got hit by a bus”, you may have heard that too. The tough question is truly “if you got hit by a bus”, would your company continue to run without you being their to control the situation.
  • Trust however creates a deep form of certainty.
    • Growing up I was often taught trust is earned and not given. However I would like to disagree, if I never truly give trust, I never give the opportunity to break trust. If there is no opportunity to break trust, that’s no trust but simply control. Trust is cultivated by being vulnerable in communicating what you value, when two people have aligning values, trust is formed. If your trust can so easily be broken, never to be restored, was there ever a deep exchange of values?

Buffer’s Story

Buffer’s story has connected with me for a number of years and I believe they are one of the most successful remote companies I have ever engaged. Their customer service is unparalleled, all their customers I personally meet you use their product are addicted and not looking elsewhere. Their leadership are truly inspiring, the staff are happy and yes most of all they are extremely profitable. Here is a brilliant article on how to scale remote working.

No, Remote Working is Not for You

If you disagree in the benefits of remote working, then no it’s not for you. Keep your CCTV on your staff and continue to make sure they arrive on time. What else is a manager meant to do besides watch over the mice and ensure they robotically comply to policy. If it’s not for you please make sure you avoid that bus, cause if it’s not lunch break your staff won’t be able to “pop out”.

Working From Home is Great, but Coworking is Better –

The Sett is a Coworking (remote working with other human beings) that opened in March 2013 in Umhlanga Ridge, which recently moved to 1 Tamarind Close on Umhlanga Rocks Drive. It’s been on the forefront of pioneering shared office space and the concept of the agile workspace in Durban. I’ve used the Sett for the past couple years for client meetings, hyper focused deadline days and attended the awesome Outliers Forum they host every so often. With their brilliant coffee and great space, there is nowhere better in Durban to work at.

So I implore you clear your mind and learn the essence of remote working.