The Importance of Reviews for your Digital Footprint

In SEO by Dewan Chapman

Importance of Reviews

Just how important are reviews for your digital marketing footprint? The answer is simple – reviews are extremely important for local SEO. As an average person searching for something on Google, people are more likely to choose the company with more reviews than the company with less, or no reviews. When searching online, people are wanting to find reputable businesses and services, they are more likely to trust a review from a complete stranger than a company that has no reviews at all. Reviews will help your company have a superior digital footprint than that of your competitors if they themselves have not made acquiring reviews a priority.

Can Reviews Make a Difference to SEO?

Once again the answer is yes – reviews can make a huge difference to SEO. Google likes to look for things that indicate trust towards a certain business. There is no better way than gaining trust than by getting a good review. Reviews have been found to make a difference in organic listings, therefore getting more reviews, and good reviews, will help your business to start ranking higher than your competitors, giving you more visibility, and possibly generating more clients.

Are Reviews Important for Local Businesses?

As stated above, reviews are important, but they are not the most important thing advertisers need to focus on to ensuring their businesses are ranking in the top three spots. Reviews are important, yes, but there are many other factors that make up a businesses digital footprint, and all of theses areas need focus. These are some of the areas that make up your businesses digital marketing footprint:

  • Display ads
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Website

However, saying this, a potential customer is most likely going to choose a company that has a five star rating, over a company that doesn’t. Therefore, making sure you are sending a clear, consistent message across all the areas that make up your digital footprint, as well as having good reviews, is going to help Google to trust your business, and this will give your business a good ranking.

What if my business gets a bad review?

Let’s be honest, sometimes we aren’t always on top of our game, and this may cause a negative impression with a client. Oftentimes when people have a bad experience they are more likely to comment, or leave a review, than when they have a good experience. Just as good reviews can help your rankings and local SEO, a bad review can do the opposite. However, reviews are not the only factors that affect local SEO, but it is still a factor that needs attention and time.

If you get a bad review, try remedy the situation as quickly as you can, not just for your rating on Google, but also for your business and personal reputation. Try contacting the person to make amends. This isn’t always feasible, and sometimes people can be unwavering in their opinions. Once you have tried this, and if it doesn’t work – the person won’t change their rating or review, try bury the review with lots of good reviews and ratings.

How can Reviews Boost my Businesses SEO?

Anyone can write a review, and often marketers will write their own reviews to try and boost SEO performance. However, Google is aware of this, and so they like to see third party reviews. If you can get good reviews on other websites, this will help boost your SEO rankings. A good idea for your marketing strategy is to ask clients to leave reviews on reputable websites. These include, to name a few:

Also ask your clients to review your business on your Google My Business page, as this will help boost your local SEO. If you don’t have a Google My Business page, then look at the previous article that will help you set up your Google My Business page.

What can I do to get more reviews?

There are so many ideas out there for you to get more reviews for your business. However, if you are unsure, here are some ideas of how to get the ball rolling:

  • Give your customers a review card with instructions on how to leave a review
  • Give customers a review card for Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor etc, with instructions on how to leave a review
  • Send an email or SMS to customers with the link from our Google My Business Review link generator 
  • Train staff effectively and offer them incentives to getting more reviews from customers

These strategies may or may not work, depending on how much effort a business is willing to put into getting reviews. Just keep in mind how effective reviews can be in gaining a better ranking on Google, and then the effort will be worth it.


Reviews have a big impact on a businesses digital marketing footprint, however it is not the only factor. If all of the areas that affect your digital marketing footprint are running well and are being continuously optimised, reviews are going to help boost your SEO and Google rankings, helping your business be visible to potential customers.