Blogger Outreach: How it can Benefit Your Business

In Digital Marketing by Kaomi Team

The latest influencer marketing technique is blogger outreach. This involves sending personalised emails directly to bloggers or journalists in an attempt to get more exposure for your innovative product or content.

The Blogger Outreach Approaches

This attempt to leverage influencers for brand exposure generally has two approaches, these are: 

Shotgun Approach

This is a far-reaching approach whereby a number of standard emails are sent directly to various bloggers, with the hope of at least a few hitting the target. This approach favours quantity over quality.

Sniper Approach

This approach, which is considered the more favourable option, involves more personalised emails directed to carefully-selected individuals. While the sniper approach might target fewer bloggers, there is more chance of a positive return. 

How Blogger Outreach is Beneficial

If you haven’t yet considered a blogger outreach campaign, but are keen to get more exposure for yourself or your product, then here’s a look at how it can enhance your business.

Targeted Marketing

In the case of a sniper approach for blogger outreach, you are reaching your target audience quickly and easily. By researching bloggers and journalists who specialise in your field, you are cutting out the wasted time and effort in marketing to the general public by honing in on those who can further your brand.

Cost-Effective Marketing

The current economic climate has made everyone cut costs wherever possible, and marketing is often the first to go. In terms of blogger outreach, you are able to enjoy the benefit of marketing your business with minimal cost.

Establishes Credibility

By leveraging the blogger outreach system, you are gaining business value when promoted on a credible platform. Building a trustworthy business reputation can take years, and creating a relationship of trust with a customer is key to business success. Blogger endorsement is a great way to further your brand. 

Promotion on Various Platforms

You can promote your business on the usual platforms – websites and social media pages – but with blogger outreach, you are able to expand the number of value-adding platforms and enhance your reach.

Gain Backlinks from More Sites

Blogger outreach is a clever marketing tool that allows you to rise in the ranks of Google searches – the ultimate online goal. This is done by the use of backlinks which constantly return customers to your website. The more backlinks you accumulate, the more likely people are to visit your particular website.

Tips for Blogger Outreach

If you’re now considering using blogger outreach as a marketing tool for your business, then here are a few tips to assist in a higher chance of success.

  • Research your target audience: Try to narrow down your blogger outreach as much as possible. Obviously, if you’re marketing your recipe book, a food blogger is a good target, but try to get more specific. Are your recipes dessert-focused, vegan, quick-and-easy meals? Find the right blogger for your product. 
  • Be creative: You are reaching out because your business is unique, so make sure this is reflected in your blogger outreach. 
  • Keep it simple: Even in an era of lockdown and quarantine, everyone is busy, and probably receiving more emails than usual. Don’t waffle, keep your blogger outreach simple and get to the point early.

When it comes to blogger outreach, as with any influencer marketing, you really only get one shot. Make sure you follow these tips and engage professional assistance to ensure you hit the mark with blogger outreach.