Becoming an Expert in Your Industry

In Digital Marketing by Kaomi Team

Being recognised as an expert in the industry once meant that you had several dedicated years of industry experience behind your name. You’d have worked your way slowly up the ranks, learning from the best and finally, you would be acknowledged by your peers as something more than just an equal. You become the ‘go-to’ on all industry-related news and topics, and your name is the first suggestion when journalists go looking for a quote to add credibility to a news’ piece.

Fortunately, becoming an industry expert in the modern age doesn’t require years of grudge-work before slowly climbing the ladder. This doesn’t mean that the modern industry expert is any less well-versed in his or her particular domain, it’s merely the wealth of information and ease-of-access in our current digital age allows for the accumulation of dedicated information in a shorter space of time.

The current lockdown in response to COVID-19 is the ideal opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your particular industry by using the digital information and platforms at your disposal. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Take a Course

The sudden surge of online activity and attempts to draw in subscribers and customers has resulted in a number of institutions offering really valuable courses free, or at a substantially reduced cost. Don’t miss out on your opportunity, do some research and sign up for an industry-specific course
that will further your expertise.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts have become a big market, and they are a great way to learn more about your industry while you get on with other tasks. Individuals recording podcasts usually take a much more relaxed, conversational approach that can be easily internalised. This format usually has a host interviewing a number of recognised industry experts, or guests can engage in lively and constructive debates.

Follow Industry News

Using social media platforms or by subscribing to industry-specific newsletters and mailers, you can gain up-to-date insights into your industry, including changes in any regulations, or possible job opportunities. You can scan over the headlines and bookmark articles to read at a later stage. It’s
unlikely that your industry isn’t being impacted by the current pandemic, so it’s worth keeping a closer eye on developments and regulations as they progress.

Connect with Others in Your Industry

It’s a tried-and-tested system but networking does have results. Obviously, physical networking events aren’t going to be possible in the current situation, but these networks have simply moved online. You can subscribe to business networking websites – such as LinkedIn – or join local member
organisations. Rather than simply comparing yourself with the competition, you are likely to find valuable support and guidance. Having the backing of an established organisation also adds credibility to your brand.

Attend Webinars

Where trade shows and conferences were once the mainstream, we are seeing a shift towards webinars that bring together industry leaders for networking, training and seminars. Hosting a webinar will also associate your name and face with your particular industry, cementing your
position as an expert.

Create Share-Worthy Content

Make yourself known and establish your reputation by creating interesting and engaging content, and then share it on various platforms. Using blogger outreach, you can get influencers to share your content, expanding your reach and putting you at the forefront of industry news. Alternatively, there
are various social media advert packages that allow you to achieve valuable exposure.

By following these tips and actually believing in your own expertise, you are likely to be recognised as a leader in your industry. It doesn’t happen overnight, but you can leverage the time spent in isolation to create your brand and build from there.