What Are Google Ad Extensions?

In Paid Search by Dewan Chapman

What are AdWords Extensions all about?

AdWords extensions are a great way to be able to add extra information to your ad copy on the Google landscape. These extensions communicate features and benefits to enhance your ad copy. By adding extra information you can improve your message to potential clients as well as giving more options for your traffic to get to your website with a better user journey. This gives your potential traffic more reason to click on your ads. The best part is that there is no additional cost involved in running extensions with your ad copy.

Different Extensions Available

AdWords over the years has developed different extensions for you to utilise in your AdWords account. The follow extensions are currently available in South Africa:

List of AdWords Ad Extensions

AdWords ad extensions List

Creating extensions in your account is a simple process that can drastically improve your account’s CTR (click-through-rate) and impact on your CVR (conversion rate). To create your extensions you can follow the simple steps below:

  1. Open your AdWords account.
  2. Navigate to your ad extensions tab
  3. Select the extension you would like to create
  4. Select which level (Account, Campaign or Ad Group level) you want the extension to be at
  5. Scroll down to the “+ Extension” red button
  6. Create your extension
  7. Save your changes

How do Extensions work?

AdWords extensions show beneath your ad copy which is great, however, AdWords selects when your extensions show and how many extensions show at one time. This does mean that your extensions won’t always show with all your ads. Google have stated that the selection process is based on each individual Google search with the aim to enhance the users experience.

Extension Performance Metrics

Once you have created your extensions and they are approved…they will start showing with your ads. But how do you know how well each extension is doing? In the AdWords interface you are able to measure the performance in the “Ad Extension” tab. In this tab, you are able to see impressions, clicks, conversions and costs like you would be able to see when analysing your ad copy performance. Testing different wording in your extensions is also a great idea to ensure you are providing the best information to your potential traffic.


Although AdWords extensions are an advanced feature and another thing to setup in your account, they are quick and easy with benefits that outway the input. Having tested them on multiple accounts across multiple industries, they definitely prove to be effective everytime.

Have you run AdWords extensions before and want to add to the conversation from your experience, leave your comments below. Not sure how to set them up or need help with your AdWords account? Contact us today.