Advantages of Hiring a Digital Agency Over Internal Staffing

In Digital Marketing by Dewan Chapman

There is no debating that every business needs marketing but with managers and business owners engulfed in day to day client meetings and deals, it is important to make the right decision for the business. The decision of whether to hire an agency or staff your own marketing department. This decision does not necessarily come down to pricing but effectiveness and efficiency too. Below is a list of 5 advantages a business will experience when hiring a digital marketing agency over internal staff:

Keeping Up to Date With the Latest Trends and Training

Agencies stay up to date with the latest technologies and updates in order to service their clients more effectively, internal staff need to be trained and continually up skilled to ensure they giving the best effort for the business. Agencies also have industry insights, contacts and relationships from being in the marketing game which will benefit the business.

You can Scale Your Marketing Efforts

Agencies can scale your business and increase the team working on your account quickly especially since their staff can work on multiple accounts. When you employ your own staff, the business needs to source quality people, train them to the level they need to be at as well as integrate them into the team which can become difficult, time consuming and hinder growth.


Agencies have a multitude of unrivaled expertise and specialist knowledge which enables them to deliver a great service and achieve results. Agencies also have access to all the different services that work together which a small business many not have the resource to employ a person or team with knowledge of all the platforms, services and contacts.

Quality of Work

With an agency managing your profile, there are multiple people working and collaborating on your account which gives you the best results and creative ideas. With internal staff, they work on the same account and data month in and month out which often leads to missed opportunities for being creative as well as doing things differently to test ideas.

Stability and Cost Effective

Hiring staff can be costly in terms of time to manage them, desks and computers, covering while they on leave…and worse of all if they leave the business, you have to find a placement for them. While an agency covers all these aspects, with continuity from using one agency, not having to manage an employee/s and that can save you money in the long run.

Bottom Line

There are lots of reasons why businesses go through a long process of hiring an agency instead of hiring marketing staff, especially when the economy is unstable. However, each business is different and the decision maker will need to assess the needs of the business to make the best decision for the business.

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