12 Insider Strategies for Internet Lead Generation

In Digital Marketing by Andrew Bloch

Marketing your business online and having an active online presence requires more than a ‘flashy, new website’ which you have spent thousands on. Your website and online presence is just the beginning, or foundation for what it to come when it comes to actively marketing your service or product. Believing that a website will result in sales or that by using a trusted marketing agency or freelancer to manage your site, will rapidly increase your turnover is not enough. The experiences you have had, may have left you feeling overwhelmed with internet jargon an acronyms, where agencies have told you to work on your SEO, your PPC and CPL.  We begin to realize this when we are not seeing the results we hoped for and feel overwhelmed thinking you do not have what it takes to understand online marketing. This may leave you feeling annoyed and frustrated.

This article serves to provide you with the next steps to generate online leads through innovative and practical marketing strategies and to empower you to understand how you can actively generate leads to your website. When thinking about your online lead generation strategies, some key questions to ask yourself are the following:

  • Do you want a better understanding of digital lead generation?
  • Are you looking to understand online lead generation?
  • Would you consider building a “website” and taking your brand online?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would like to introduce you to a book written by an innovative marketing expert, who I have had the privilege of Skyping earlier this year – Aaron Opfell. The discussions with Aaron opened my mind to what is possible in lead generation and once I began reading his book, I couldn’t stop. This book title gives you the intended purpose straight away, as “Click Into Lead” is an explanation of modern online lead generation strategies, that answers the above questions and more, empowering you as business owners to understand how to engage with online marketing strategies.

Title: Click Into Lead: 12 Insider Strategies for Internet Lead Generation (Internet Alchemy)

Author: Aaron Opfell (CEO and founder of www.searchermag.net)

In his book, Aaron challenges the traditional mind set of online marketing (which is closed and limited) and motivates the reader to adapt a more dynamic and innovative way of approaching online marketing. He is an online, marketing artisan who has perfected his trade and generously shares his skills and learnt techniques to explain the different tools used to achieve specific outcomes. His call to action stretches your mind and beckons you dive deep into the fascinating journey of digital marketing with a strong focus on “Return on Investment” (ROI). This book is not for the ‘skeptic’ who is rigid in their marketing ways, but rather for the open minded, who are looking to grow and learn the effective secrets and language of digital marketing, and most importantly, it is for the individual ready to take their business online.

Aaron is realistic in his approach and discusses the myth of the “silver bullet”, which is the idea that success can be achieved overnight. He proves that true online success using any marketing tool, requires hard work, investment and a deep value for the tools which play the role of an added partner in the business. The table of contents is a crafted to be a map, leading you to the tools your business currently needs. If you are looking for one book that gives an accurately detailed and overview of the ideas and strategies of digital marketing, this book is for you.

Before reading this book, I ask you to consider the following self-reflecting questions:

  • If you don’t arrive at work, could you still gain new clients?
  • Is your business really a business or is it just a profitable hobby?
  • Is ‘Word of Mouth’ your only marketing plan?

Yet again, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the book is an effective solution to motivate you to critically engage with your sales strategies and how to empower yourself with the knowledge and practical skills relating to lead generation. To find out more, the link will take you directly to the site with the option to buy the book,  – https://www.amazon.com/Click-Into- Lead-Strategies-Generation/dp/1497398673/

Give it a read and let us know your comments below.