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We Love our Culture

We aim to maintain a culture of empowering people. The way we do this, changes on an individual basis. Fundamentally we want to find the strengths and drives of each individual, then build around their unique individual traits. This allows us to build dynamic teams with roles that overlap - as the goal is to create a culture of powerful problem-solvers, not just an organisation with a corporate structure forcing individuals into a mould.


Why We Love How We Work

We've created a Hybrid of a Remote Lifestyle. Where our staff are able to work in the office or from home. Our aim is to continue our expansion around the world being led by our Durban and London branches.


Dewan Chapman

Director of Client Relations

I excel in building long lasting client relationships and am strategic in my thinking and execution.


Justin Sandler

Head of Agency

I'm passionate about bringing together smart  ideas, teams and people with the aim of developing, iterating and refining holistic Digital Marketing Strategies that ultimately move the needle for clients.


Jenna gamble

Finance Manager 

Joy seeker in everything I do! I find fulfilment in cash flow and budget projections. I believe a positive mindset is essential for personal and professional growth.


Justin Laubscher

Business Development Director 

Enthusiastic about the digital landscape and fostering client growth through meaningful relationships. When not immersed in the world of pixels, I relish the aroma of coffee and embrace the great outdoors on my bicycle.


Tyler Higgins

HR & Operations Specialist

Apart from being a Nomad, I love connecting personality and skillset in exciting new positions.


Samantha Lawrence

Project Manager 

Efficient problem-solving is my forte and building relationships is my passion.


Jussi Oikarinen

Head of SEO 

I am on a never-ending quest to crack Google's algorithm and love applying theoretical knowledge to achieve tangible results.


Angelique Swain

SEO Account Manager & Head of Content

 I love to harness the power of the written word to evoke emotion and action and keep the Google spiders happy. 


Edwin Mills 

SEO Manager

I love using the opportunities from constantly changing search engine algorithms as room for personal and business growth, with a positive impact on the bottom line.


colette smith

 Head of PPC 

I enjoy the fact that PPC exposes me to different industries and people. Successfully aligning cutting-edge strategies and platforms with what clients want to achieve gets me excited. 


laurna van der westhuizen

 PPC Manager

What I enjoy about PPC is the constantly-evolving nature of it, and it ensures that no two days are ever the same, making it exciting and dynamic for both myself and my clients.



Analytics Manager

I'm intrigued by collecting clean and insightful data. Since data is like garbage, there is no point in collecting it unless you know what you are going to do with it.


David Bagwell

Graphic Designer

I enjoy creating great visual content that is consistent and believe in the importance of first impressions. My goal is to create imaginative brand content that is beyond the average and takes things to a new level.


Craig stuart

External Coach & HR Advisor 

Freelancer: Flexible

I focus on creating positive and lasting change in individuals and teams. I help them overcome their challenges through encouragement, repetition, and attention.


Matthew Betts

Software Developer

Freelancer: 3 Days a Week

I enjoy solving problems and making things better with code.


Lauren Anthony 

SEO Copywriter

Freelancer: Results-Driven

Working to attain that seamlessly creative expression, while navigating the technical parameters of a digital space, makes SEO writing a thrilling environment for a freelancer. It's simply rad.


Andrew Bloch

Non Exec Director

Part Time: Consulting

Focused on ClickTrain, Andrew now assists with Agency oversight and key technical implementations.